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                       MAYOR GULAPA





Miss Camilla Ramos, daughter of the godson of former Mayor Gulapa, gave some statements about her belief in the talisman of Mayor Gulapa. “I believed that Mayor Gulapa has a talisman and not only an ordinary talisman, that talisman made him strong and powerful,” said Miss Ramos when Danes Andaya asked her about the mayor.


            Rene Ramos, brother of Miss Ramos said, “Mayor Gulapa was a disciplinarian and strict person especially with his townsmen, he was a good mayor of Maragondon and with the used of his talisman, he was able to fight his enemies for the good of his municipality.”    


            Sioning Reyes, one of the elders in Pinagsanhan -A said, “Mayor Gulapa has a talisman, my mother told me that Mayor Gulapa will not be hurt even when shot by a gun.”


            Mrs. Lydia Anglo, one of the friends and peers of former Mayor Gulapa said that the former Mayor had a talisman and he got it from a hermit in forest. She attested her statement by giving account of the incident when the good mayor had asked her late husband to shoot the mayor himself. He did so, and to his amazement, Mayor Gulapa had not sustained any gunshot wounds.


             Telyong Malimban of Caingin said that mayor Gulapa had a talisman that’s why the said mayor can shoot a coin from a distance. He also said that mayor Gulapa was brave, would not tolerate law offenders, intelligent, a good and helpful friend and a loving and dedicated father to his sons and daughter.