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    Pamarta Bali Beach Resort, found in Morong, reflects the exquisiteness of the beaches around Bataan. It offers relaxing cottages and eye-catching structures which is perfect for holidays and vacations. You can choose from small to big nipa huts where you can sit and attain peace the easiest way depending on your taste and budget.

    Guests can also choose to enjoy the resort’s infinity pool, feel the splashing of waves from Bataan’s very own beach or even both! But there’s more! You can find total relaxation by simply trying the place’s Jacuzzi. It’s just perfect for your tired and exhausted muscles.

    By simply staying here, you could erase all your worries for there is a 24-hour security and a generator to give people the best accommodation possible. Moreover, if you want to fully enjoy every moment with your friends and family, you could all sing your hearts out by hitting the notes of your favorite song in the videoke. Grilling facilities are also available for those who are in love with the scent of grilled foods.

    The place is guaranteed to be filled with tranquility which adds up to the soothing ambiance of the resort. From the name itself, Pamarta, which means “God our Savior” in Balinese, we could say that this place was a gift from our Creator.

    But, the best part is the assistance and service offered by the crew to their visitors. They are willing to give the most unforgettable vacation to those who choose to visit this place. Thus, Pamarta Bali embodies not only the magnificence of the spots in Bataan but also the hospitality of the Bataeños.  

    Need a place to relax and leave behind all your works? You can now pack-up and go to Pamarta Bali Beach Resort where YOU are always welcome.


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