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A Glimpse of La Villa Rica de Arevalo: Heritage and Greatness


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Savour the Villahanon’s Rich Heritage


Great People; Great Jobs




Hon. Ramon Q. Avanceña

Born in Molo, Iloilo, April 13, 1872

Died in Manila, June 12, 1957


- Villa’s first lawyer

-  Fought in the Philippine-American Revolution

-  Appointed Provincial Fiscal of Leyte

-  Judge, Court of First Instance, Manila

-  Fiscal General of the Philippines

-  Associates Justice of the Supreme Court, till

   retirement at the age of 65

-  Philanthropist, brilliant lawyer, soldier

-  “Don Ramon” to the Villahanon




Francisco Varona

Born in Arevalo, Iloilo, January 29, 1891

Died in New York, U.S.A. June 28, 1941


-  Journalist; Director of Renacimiento Filipino;

-  Editor, La Vanguardia and El Debate; Author of two books of history   

   and biography;   

- Winner of the Zobel Prize in Spanish Literature (1938)

-  First Filipino Labor Commissioner to Hawaii and U.S. (1920-21)

-  Member, First  Philippine Independence Mission (1919)

-  Assemblyman, North District of Manila, (1928-1935)

-  Labor Attaché to the U.S. (1938-1941)





Sofia Reyes de Veyra

Born in Arevalo, Iloilo, September 30, 1875

Died in Manila, January 1, 1953


-  Educator, Social Worker; Civic Leader; Writer

-  Dean of Normal Hall, Philippine Normal College

-  Head, Home Economics Department and Vice President

-  Centro Escolar University; Founder Editor, Ladies Home Journal

-  Author of books on Character and Conduct and Home Economics

-  President, Federation of Womens Club

-  Social Secretary in Malacañang, under President Quezon, Osmeña and






Pura Villanueva A. Kalaw

Born in Arevalo, Iloilo, August 27, 1886

Died in Manila, March 21, 1954


-  Champion of Feminism and “No. 1 Feminist of the Philippine”

-  Writer; Author of several books

-  First Carnival Queen of Manila (1908)

-  Social Worker; Civil Leader; Businesswoman

-  Pioneer of the Cooperative Movement in the Philippines

-  President, National League of Women Writers

-  President, Federations of Women’s Clubs

-  Founder and President, League of Women Voters.



Melecio Figueroa Y. Molina

 Born in Arevalo, Iloilo

Died in Manila on July 30, 1910


-   Engraver, artist

-   Member of the Malolos Congress

-   Distinguished himself in the art of Engraving and Modeling in Spain

    where he was also involved in the Propaganda Movement.

-   In Spain as an artist, in the Art Exposition in Madrid in 1887, he was

    named by the Royal Order, member of the Commission on Awards

    and was commissioned to design the medal for the prizes.

-   In 1898, he was appointed by Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo as member of

    the Malolos Congress, to represent Iloilo with Esteban de la Rama.

-   In the early days of the American Rule, he was selected to design

    the new monetary coins that were introduced in the Philippines in 





Rev. Fr. Ancelmo Avanceña Y Sayson

Born in Arevalo, Iloilo July 27, 1828

Died, October 10, 1882


- Nephew of Chief Justice Ramon Avanceña

- Writer of many novenas and prayers in hiligaynon; translator and


- Occupied high ecclesiastical positions in Cebu and Iloilo

- Parish Priest of Arevalo- Aug. 20, 1864

- Helped and comfort the victims of cholera and was infected by the

  disease that caused his death

- He died helping the cholera victims inside his beloved Sto. Niño de

  Arevalo church

- A man for others, and a martyr of charity




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